All major religions, including all Christian faiths, either encourage donation or support the individual's decision to donate life to others.

Many people are reluctant to donate organs and tissues due to the misconception that their religion doesn't support it. However, all major religions, including all Christian faiths, either encourage donation or support the individual's decision to donate life to others.

Donor Sabbath

National Donor Sabbath is celebrated each year two weekends before Thanksgiving.  Donor Sabbath embraces the theme of “Give thanks. Give life," by using houses of worship to educate Americans of the critical need we face with organ and tissue donation.

Observing National Donor Sabbath is an opportunity for religious communities to touch the lives of millions of people.

National Donor Sabbath is a time to bring the life-saving issue of organ and tissue donation into the season of giving. The time of year when we gather with our families to count our blessings. It's an ideal time to talk about becoming a donor.

Carolina Donor Services can provide you with resources such as sample sermons, scripture references, program inserts, and even guest speakers to help you deliver this important, life-saving message to your fellowship. Help your congregation be able to make informed decisions about organ and tissue donation and sharing the gift of life by participating in Donor Sabbath.

Resources and Samples

Below are some helpful resources and sample sermons which you may print and use.

Sample Sermons:

   Sermon Ideas

   Sermon Outline

   Baptist Sermons

   Catholic Sermon

   Jewish Sermon

   Methodist Sermon

   Presbyterian Sermon

   Presbyterian Sermon II

   Unitarian Universalist Sermon

   United Church of Christ Sermon


   Worship Resources

   Prayer and Benediction

   Bulletin Newspaper Inserts

   Biblical Principles

   Evaluation Form

Order Additional Materials

To order additional materials for National Donor Sabbath, please complete the request form by no later than October 21, 2016. Requests received after that date may arrive to you later than the Donor Sabbath Weekend (November 11 - 13, 2016).


"Donor Sabbath is an event in November sponsored by Carolina Donor Services in which any Pastor may present organ donation to his/her church in an allotted  space of time. Since I have had three churches which I served part-time as Pastor after my heart transplant, I worked closely with CDS to have relevant materials to pass out to any in the congregation who would like more information on donation of one's organs to save other lives. Along with materials, I have also used staff persons to share with the congregation on at least one occasion. Since most all Pastors speak often on matters of the heart, it certainly was an opportune time for me to speak on donation of a heart and other organs by my donor which saved the lives of at least five people. It is a very good time in the church to speak to younger people who may attend and suggest that they go ahead and state that they want to be a donor on their driver’s license. Since a great many people are computer literate, it is a good time to tell them to sign up online to be a donor. It has been my privilege as a Pastor to not only visit people in their end of life, but also to share how people can help others have a second chance at life and live more productively because someone gave them that opportunity by organ donation."


Pastor Larry W. McEntire
Asheboro, NC