Community Education

Carolina Donor Services is pleased to offer information and materials on organ and tissue donation.

An information packet, general information rack cards, and educational DVDs are available to teachers and other community leaders free of charge through Carolina Donor Services. These materials can be requested by completing the web form here or calling us with your request at 1-800-200-2672. Please contact us at least two weeks in advance to allow time for shipping.


Educational DVDs include:


Say, "Yes." Stories of Hope through Organ and Tissue Donation (DVD)
Carolina Donor Services' educational DVD entitled Say, "Yes" highlights the heartfelt stories of three North Carolina families who’ve been touched by donation: Kara Thio, who had a lifesaving transplant when she was only eight months old, tells the story of her transplant along with her mother, Victoria. Emmitt and Charlotte Ray, whose son Jason, the UNC mascot, gave the precious gift of organ and tissue donation share the huge impact Jason’s decision made. Finally, Larry Bordeaux and his wife and teenage son, share what life is like for them as Larry continues to wait more than a decade for a liver transplant. Common misconceptions are also highlighted in order to dispel the myths about donation. Facts such as what can be donated, the first-person consent law, and ways to register as a donor in North Carolina are also covered.

Ray of Hope (DVD)
"Ray of Hope" is the poignant story about Jason Ray, the University of North Carolina mascot who died during the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament after he was hit by a car before a game. Ray was an organ and tissue donor, and this story produced by ESPN, details how one tragedy changed the lives of five families.