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Tell North Carolina legislators to pass Heart Heroes legislation and save more lives.

Help Support Heart Heroes Legislation

Carolina Donor Services is leading the way to change North Carolina law so that the heart emblem on a North Carolina driver's license or state ID indicates one’s decision to be an organ, eye and tissue donor. Current North Carolina Heart Prevails law restricts tissue donation. North Carolina is the only state in the nation where tissue for transplantation is not included in the first-person authorization at the DMV.

Donated tissue helps save the lives of patients with severe burns, defective heart valves, bone cancer, breast reconstruction, and torn ligaments or tendons.

Senate Bill 210 Organ and Tissue Donation/Heart Heroes passed the North Carolina Senate by a vote of 48 to 0! Help us thank our Senate primary sponsors Senators Krawiec, McKissick, and Horner for their leadership and support and also the members of the North Carolina Senate for voting to support Heart Heroes.

There is an identical bill also moving in the House. House Bill 126 Organ and Tissue Donation/Heart Heroes is sponsored by Representatives Murphy, Dobson, Potts, and Sasser. Please take a moment to thank these primary sponsors for their leadership and support of HB126 Organ and Tissue Donation/Heart Heroes.