Funeral Directors Attending CEU Programs at CDS

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Congratulations to these local Funeral Directors who completed the five hour Funeral Director Certification Program on December 7, 2017.

Donnie D. Johnson

Maxine B. Wall

Judie M. Rice

Reginald E. McNair

Richard Lewis Clinton

Kelly D. Emory

Kenneth W. Hagan

Wendy Keating Seekins

Jeff Nobles

Patrick Andrew Stover

Nathaniel G. Yarbrough

Robert E. Veale

James H. "Jimmy" White

James Edward Smith

Karen Holloway Smith

Janet T. Cartwright

Monte R. Johnson

Dwight David VanHoy

Doris Ann McRae

Lisa W. Wooten

Rommie Tilman Ray

Gerald L. Myrick

Thomas W. Brown

T. Blake Clements

Michelle Williams

Chris R. Parsell

Patricia H. Ginocchio

Erin Clements

Dylan Matthews

Elbert T. House

Perika Kash Hardaway

Amiria Thompson-Prather

Patsy L. Thompson

Randy Blackwell

Calvin Lee Cherry

Terry L. Whittington

Robert F. Staples

James 0. Hampton

Bill Forsberg